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BAsketball Training Program

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Minimizing your risks along the way

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​non profit, leadership, education, training in Fort Worth for youth sports program  building the community for the future.

Teaching & Coaching Philosophy

Help unlock the key to the full potential of all young people and inspire them to find lifelong success; through the development of partnerships throughout the community; as we work to impact the community that we live in for our children of future.


​​​​​My coaching philosophy is that I believe sports are the avenue or means to be successful in life.  It teaches a lot of the fundamentals in which one needs to be successful such as trials and tribulations, ups and downs, how to deal with adversity, how to deal with success as well as failure, as well as the little details.  The teaching of the game and the fundamentals goes hand in hand with life that are related to the game of both sports and life.  You must grasp both to be successful.  This will help to shape them for their future and give them the tools and core values to be successful. 

My love for training and coaching students drives me to have an impact in helping players to reach their potential and in being successful as a person, student, and athlete. Also, I believe my role is to build relationships in which each individual in my class grow as a person.  As a Trainer and Coach my role is to encourage my students and players by teaching them the value of working hard in anything that they work to accomplish in life. Further, my role is to teach them how to set short term and long term goals academically, athletically, and beyond high school. Also, in the same light holding my students and athletes individually to work together as a team and hold one another accountable for the best interest of the group and/or team. If I expect my team and class to hold each other accountable, then I must also do this as a coach and trainer.